How To Create Content


It is easy to simply create content but content that sells requiers a little more thinking.

The easiest way to create content that sales in the Online Marketing business also turns out to be the BEST If done right even better then outsourcing it, unless you have already branded yourself as a top marketer in your niche…

To Brand Yourself You Need To Be Yourself…

As a big part of “internet marketing” comes from social media the people you attract are attracted to your personal comments and thoughts. Even adds you right for PPC, PPR, Banner and Solo ads reflect your personality and will get the attention of the same type of people that are responding to you from social media.

Keeping Them Interested Is Key To Making Money Online.

If they are reading your blog post it probably won’t interest them if  its not what they expected to see and its not going to be what they expected to see unless YOU WRITE IT. At least to some extent, you don’t have to write the whole thing if you don’t want to but the more original it is the better.

So How Do You Create Content That Sales?

If your not a writer then you should consider Copyrighting to create content, you can Learn how here books are $20 to $50 and Nick offers coaching service and other programs  for more $$$ He is one of the best in the world, you can also get free lessens to get started just Google copyrighting and search.

For Personal Branding and SEO Ranking…

…I would recommend completely re-righting the whole article/blog that you are working on but in the begging you can just change it around a little or you can even just copy the content, refer back to the original writer and type in a little about what you learned from it or liked about it. Do Not Bash The Writer. By doing this it will get you started in the right direction and it gets easier every time you do it. The more of your own personal spin you can put into it the better unless it is just a bunch of mumbo-Jumbo.

You can outsource content and look professional depending on your niche professional is not always the best and when you interact with your prospects through email, over the phone, on webinars what ever the case may be They are going to know you did not write the content in the first place unless…

You are very specific as to what you want, how you want it and you find someone that writes a lot like you write to do it for you, this may take trying several different people. Creating “content that sells” needs to be original, it has to offer the reader what they are looking for Educational, Entertaining or just informative or they will just leave.

Outsourcing Content That Sells

Can be lucrative, fast and easy but be careful and know that if your trying to get SEO Rankings you may need to research and try several writers until you find one that understands SEO the same goes for Social Media. I would recommend trying one of these or they will write you an article/blog for about $5.00.

Bonus #1

I can show you how to overcome these challenges and begin to get content out there that is almost guaranteed to pull in your readers by using a hidden concept called Private Label Rights.  Look for the Empower Network PLR In the Products Categories section the empower network packages are limited when they are gone. Here is a list of some of the things they offer….

…You will find many article posts, blog posts, eBooks, free reports and auto responder content that she has already created and ready for you to use. Why not take a look around the store and see for yourself click HERE for info

Bonus #2 Not Only Do You Need To Create Content That Sells You Need…

…A high ranking platform to promote it from Many marketers see the value in joining Empower Network, and they understand the power in blogging. However, there are some marketers who don’t yet understand the importance of list building.

It does take time to learn all about keyword research, search engine optimization, marketing, plug-ins and proper networking in order to get your blog seen by anyone. It isn’t just a series of messages begging for people to join your team. Empower Network also educates you on the Internet Marketing industry and blogging, showing them why your a leader that they will want to follow.

I am dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams on my team we focus on being financially free in 90 days and then we start leveraging money for time. We don’t just create income we create leaders that know how to set up an Auto Pilot Money Making System.

Click Here To See More…

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A little over six months ago…

…30 some odd people gathered in a smelly lil’ hotel room in Orlando Florida, and signed Non-Disclosure Agreements to take a look at something a little bit ‘off’ from the rest of the world.

45 days later, that group of 30 people had grown into an army of more than 10,000 customers.

Six months later, it was over 30,000.

(yes, that’s PAID customers)

What started as a ‘lil‘ internet dream turned into a small city… Army – marching out into the world with a vision.

We got together again about 10 days ago, and this happened:

* The results of others do not guarantee your success.  See our Full Income Disclosure.

What the hell is happening in that photo?

Two things:

1)  We gave big, card-board checks to people – representing how much they’ve earned (already) since we launched.

This isn’t a check that is getting dropped in the mail – this is money that has already been earned – just in the last six months – just from selling Empower Network products.

2) 1,200 people gathered around, screaming, chanting, and yelling :)  Watch this video:

I think that the most badass thing about that video isn’t that there are 1,200 people in the room – it’s that 1,200 people are chanting “Don’t Be A Wussy…”

I agree.

The question is – what’s happened since then?  Did it work?  Did the event serve it’s purpose?

I’m going to show you some things that shocked me.

Check this out:

This is our daily new customer signups from a few days before the event, to yesterday (June 20th).  In a little over 10 days, our new customer signups has increased by nearly 50%.

Even cooler, though, is this photo on the right:

*Again, the results of others don’t guarantee your success.  See our Full Income* AgDisclosure.

So what the heck is this?

It’s the incomes of the top 20 people…

…just yesterday.  (the 20th of June, 2012)

Yes, Dave Sharpe and myself are in that, too – because we’re affiliates, like you, in addition to owning the company.

HOWEVER, Look at that again – here’s why I’m showing you:

This is MORE THAN 50% higher than our previous best day for our top affiliates.

In other words:

It worked.

Here’s the most badass thing though – this is JUST the start of what we’re creating here.

The Vision?

Help YOU create your dream lifestyle.

Not in 2, 4, or 10 years…


What we taught at the event was revolutionary.

See most of the time, company events are designed to help ‘keep the masses busy.’

If you go – companies know that for the next 90 days, you’ll stay busy enough to bring in a few customers before you quit.

They’re designed that way.

What we taught, though, was revolutionary.

We taught you the ACTUAL pattern, that I personally follow in my own business.

It’s not based on ‘luck’ OR ‘duplication’ or any of the nonsense that will keep you enslaved to weanie commissions.

It’s based in YOU learning how to PRODUCE your dream lifestyle (by the SHEER POWER of your will…)

Part time…


In Atlanta, we changed.

Now, Empower Network is a movement.

I originally made this video for my personal list, but I wanted to share it with you.  This is what I believe is about to happen:

Don’t be a wussy.  Just get in.

Click Here and See the PROOF.

A movement is coming.

We have just begun.

In a few days, we’re going to open up ticket sales to AFFILIATES ONLY for our next event in San Diego, California in September.

You need to be there.

Here’s a badass named ‘Mustafah’, and what he thought about the event, Empower Network, and what we’re doing for YOU:

The POWER Of A Dream

Let’s lock arms, and fight the forces of evil.

If you were at the event in Atlanta – share your thoughts in the comments below.

Also, let us know if you’re pumped for “Fight The Forces of Evil” in San Diego!

-David Wood
The Guru Slayer

P.S.  If you’re an affiliate, you can put ?id=your-username at the end of the link to this page – and when you send your leads here, you’ll capture the leads, sales, credit, and commissions :)

P.P.S.  If you ain’t in yet – don’t be a wussy.  Click Here to buy the blogging system.

I just finished reading this badass book called ‘The Tipping Point‘ by Malcom Gladwell.

The Tipping Point

I figured since one of the 8 ‘Core Commitments‘ at Empower Network is to read every day, that I would start sharing what I’m reading.

Only if it’s good, though – if I read something awful, I’ll keep it to myself.

The truth is, I don’t like most success books (they’re boring) this one fascinated me for a variety of reasons.

One of the most useful things that I ever discovered was that everyone has different kinds of gifts, and, simultaneously – we’re all awful at different things.

For example, for years I tried to build a business by being good at prospecting.

I thought that if I could just learn the ‘magical line’ or the ‘perfect pitch’ that I would have the key to success.

After getting married though, my wife, Ashley taught me something about myself.

One day, she walked in after I had been on the phone for about two hours, and she looked in my eyes and said:

“What the hell are you doing? You hate this.”


I kind of giggled, and then realized something profound:

She’s right. I do.

HOWEVER, I’m really, really (really) good at selling stuff to a captive audience.

See, I thought that to succeed, I had to be good at selling stuff AND getting the audience via prospecting.

What did I learn? Not the case.

Since that day, I’ve been enamored with the idea that not only do I not need to get good at stuff that I hate – but that it’s destructive to my happiness and success if I do anything but…

…what I have a natural gift for.

Selling stuff, communicating, and teaching.

Not only do I make more money in less time if that’s ALL I do…

…I’m also happier, feel sexier, and make LOTS more money with less work.


By figuring out how to get other people to do stuff that I suck at.

What does this have to do with ‘The Tipping Point‘?


See, in order to accomplish what we want – which is not to make money.

(That’s easy)

What we want is to create a movement that spreads like a Virus – completely out of control.

Then, we all make 100 times the money.

How do we do that?

By getting YOU to do what you’re good at, and focus on MASTERING that.

Then, together, we all speak and UNIFY behind a single, powerful vision and process.

We are the freedom message.

We are the movement that teaches people how to create their dream lifestyle.

No bull-shit.

No politics.

Just pure, unadulterated and RAW success.

We don’t teach you anything to just ‘keep you busy’ here.

We teach you how to create results.

Watch this video I made:


Let me share with you what I see with Empower Network.

I don’t just see a little ‘internet team’.

I see a movement.

I see the most powerful group of visionaries that exists in the direct sales industry.

I see the best leaders here in any single group of people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Are you sick of the bull shit?

I am.

If you’re ready to take action, get results, and GROW – not just living your dream right now, this instant…

…then don’t be a wussy. Just Get In.

What we did in Atlanta created the birth of a movement.

What we’re going to do in San Diego will create the largest single group of top earners the Direct Sales industry has ever seen.

We are the people.

We are sick of the bull-shit.

We are here for freedom.

We shall not be stopped.

Join us.

Click Here.

See why Chris Tuttle made a decision to go ‘All In‘:

I’ll see you in San Diego :)

-David Wood
“The Guru Slayer”

P.S. At the event, we presented Tracey Walker with a check, representing what she had ALREADY EARNED in just over six months with Empower Network.

Will you get one at the event in San Diego? We’d love to have YOU on stage.

* Just because Tracey Walker made $91,850 in six months, doesn’t guarantee that you will make lots of money, too. See our Full Income Disclosure.

P.P.S. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and share this post in your Facebook Groups – like with all of our blog posts, you can add ?id=username to the end of the link to this page – and all leads, traffic, and commissions will track to YOUR affiliate account :)

Let’s rock. See you in San Diego.

Oh – and I almost drowned today, and got it on video. Look out for the clip tomorrow. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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THIS video was a fascinating experience…

(you’ll have to watch the whole thing)

* Warning:  slightly crass.

Justin Verrengia (Empower Network badass) and his wife D came over to hang out – they live in Costa Rica too, and this month are on track to make over $10,000 with the company.

We went to a new waterfall to go swimming…

…and this waterfall was NOT as ‘sweet and innocent’ as it looks.

Watch the vid, and leave me your thoughts:

* I left it un-edited, for the most part – so you can see the whole experience.

Here’s the thing that I learned:

You can’t fight nature.

I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a surfboard out on the ocean, found a nice, safe spot with no waves, and tried to ‘force’ yourself to surf before…

…it’s hard.

Much like trying to build a ‘dream lifestyle‘ is hard when you’re earning weanie, itsy bitsy commissions, and building your business with a ‘slavery model’.

I realized something though, almost drowning:

Just like you can’t fight a current (the water wins) you can’t build your dreams unless you’re aligned with a POWERFUL force that’s moving in the direction you want.

Look – the reality is – a lot of people take a surfboard out in this profession, and try to ‘force’ a wave into existence, that just isn’t there.

They’re fighting nature.

If you want results, NOW – find a way to get them that’s actually working.

Another thing:

A LOT of people in this profession have a skewed perception that if they just ‘work their butt off’ for 2-5 years, they’ll be able to ‘live the dream’ for the rest of their life…

…so they end up working all day and night in a model – that not only doesn’t work, BUT…

…if they build it like they’re being taught – they’ll have to continue the ‘all day and night’ work ethic to maintain a weanie…

…little, itsy bitsy income.

There’s another way:


What’s that?

We taught it in Atlanta, we’re going to teach it (and more) in San Diego in September – and if you REALLY want to master it…

…something big is coming.

In the meantime – watch your email like a hawk – and if you ain’t in yet…

…get in :)

And, watch why one woman from the UK flew more than 1,000 miles to sign an NDA, and hang out with us for 3 days in Atlanta:

Leave your thoughts in the comments :)

-David Wood
The Guru Slayer

P.S.  Tony and Jessica Rush got presented with a check for $119,013 in Atlanta – representing how much they’ve ALREADY EARNED in just six months, part time with Empower Network – check this out:

*  Just because this has worked for others, doesn’t guarantee that it will work for you.  We make no guarantee of any kind of income – see our Full Income Disclosure.

P.P.S.  If you’re struggling to get your spouse on board with your vision, watch your email over the next couple of days – I had a breakthrough experience, and caught it on video – I wanted to share.  It will help you.

Leave your thoughts below, and remember, when you append ?id=username to the end of this post – all traffic, commissions, and sales will track to YOU :)

Oh, and click one of the banners, right now if you ain’t in yet :)


About The Author: David Wood

I’m a man who passionately and ridiculously loves his wife. I love to chill, have strange conversations, talk about wormholes, play music, fight the rise of oppressive jerks who have nothing better to do than get in the way of REAL PROGRESS, do Wing Chun Kung Fu, listen to Coast to Coast AM until I believe Shape Shifting Lizards are real… and I love to EMPOWER OTHERS and ask questions that cause people to shake the very foundational principles that hold their world together… I work from home, and coach people on how to build dynasties from their living room with nothing more than a computer, an internet connection, a pet lizard, and an all out passion to win. Enough of that, though… …back to the lizards —- I’ve always wanted to go back in time and see if there were any intelligent dinosaurs in the Jurassic period. (Not really) ??Anything else you want to know? Ask away!



Here is a little from an ordinary guy that had no marketing experience.

Now That You Have Heard A little about Dave and Dave post!make sure to reed this entire post.

You are about to discover how to properly use blogging to get real traffic and real income, in a way that even your grandma could follow, even if you aren’t a writer or a Web Master  and all the technical computer stuff scares the crap out of you!

Here’s What Empower Network Dose Fore You…

This is Completely Unheard Of But here you go. Empower Network has taken all the headache and start up cost out of starting a new or promoting an existing business, this is so easy everybody from the most experienced Guru’s to the complete newbie’s are using it to capitalize on Fast Easy Residual Income. For $25 you get a viral blogging platform, landing pages, 9 done for you webpage’s that can easily be customized, rearranged, deleted or even ad more at any time and your own unique domain names. All set up and Designed to take the learning curve out of getting started…

Success – with Dave and  Dave…

Having experienced the frustration of complete information overload it takes to get started in the Network Marketing business David Wood knew it would take more then just simply supplying all tools you will ever need that take the average newbie six months to a year and hundreds  if not thousands of dollars to build. He knew they would need some simple steps to follow, thus the Eight Core Commitments in the Fast Start Training. Within about two hours you will have all the information you need to write your first blog even what to write about! Just write and click on post and your blog goes viral from Empower Networks high-ranking professionally designed blog!

So How Do You Make Money With Empower Network?

First of all in the two hours you spend doing the Eight Core Commitments the first thing you do is set up your own Merchant Account No credit check or any thing needed, it even works internationally. Secondly you post a blog from Empower Network high-ranking blogging platform and Dave even teaches you some marketing tricks simple marketing using Free and paid Marketing strategy’s depending on your experience, how much money you want to make, how much time you have and how much money you have to spend. It is very easy to make $1000 A WEEK! Just for posting your blog! And $5.000 A WEEK!! Using FREE and social media marketing techniques.

How Dose The Empower Network Compensation Plan Work For You!!!

100% Commissions for every referral, your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every fifth after your sixth pass up to the person above you. So you will be getting pass ups from your referrals as well. Now you can see how just a few referrals can lead to a nice residual income for you.  So is it an MLM. No it is not but it dose make it easier for the newbie to get started making money NOW! Trust me on this one even if your not good at writing blogs and don’t have time to market you can generate a very lucrative income just from the pass ups you get from your down-line.


Why would you want to join my team?

This system comes with all the education and all the tools you will ever need! There is no need to get distracted with all the other crap out there it will just keep you from making any money at all! I keep MY TEAM focused on what they need to be doing and when they need to be doing it. Without trying to sell them a bunch of crap they do not need. It is just that simple.

If you can send an email then you can be set up and making money in the next two hours enough money to replace your JOB! Ok maybe that might take a month or two but if you can send an email then you can do this and make enough money to replace your JOB! Empower Network was specifically designed to take the complete internet marketing beginner from nothing to money in a minute. If your not happy with $5000 a month Dave and Dave provide the most up to date cutting edge training on the new Google Analytic s, SEO., PPC., and even Behavioral Marketing Tactics that when learned you can join the GURU’S AND MAKE 20, 30 AND EVEN $40,000 Per month just with Empower Network.


See Why Even The GURRU’S Are Joining Empower Network!


Empower Networks High Ranking Blogging Platform And 100% Affiliate Commissions even attract the top marketers of other online businesses. They come to Empower Network for the 100% residual income. It is by far the cheapest and easiest way to market any other products on the planet! And they are able to make $30,000 per month just from Empower Network.



Here is some proof of a recent event.

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